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The Sadness Book x Indigo

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The Sadness Book

The Sadness Bookis more than just a journal; it's a companion that understands the depths of human emotions.

By embracing your sadness, you can begin a transformative journey towards emotional well-being. Through the power of writing, you'll confront the roots of your sorrow, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and experience the cathartic release that comes from putting your feelings into words.

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The Sadness Book (German edition)

Endlich ist sie hier: die deutsche Version des viralen TikTok-Journals: The Sadness Book

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Chapter One

Chapter one includes prompts to realize & acknowledge your deepest emotions. Take a deep breath. Be honest about your thoughts and feelings, then rip it out and throw it away.

According to a study, individuals who wrote down their thoughts on a piece of paper and threw it away also mentally discarded the thoughts.

Chapter two

Chapter two is a small collection of love letters that explore the profound themes of sadness, letting go, loving and appreciating yourself more & growing with hope.

Chapter three

Chapter three includes prompts that are an invitation to step inside yourself. Self-reflection is the road toward healing. Take a deep breath. Flip through the book, stop on one page and write your heart out. Those are questions to keep.

"Buying this book is one of the best decisions I have made. It is so therapeutic and allows you to spend quality time with yourself. An easy 5 star!"


"This book truly helps you put into words what your are feeling and shows you that all of your feelings are valid. Some days are harder than others and it's a relief to be able to write down everything and then rip it out and throw it away. It makes you reflect on your day and the things you've been through. This is whitout a doubt my best purchase of 2022!"


"This journal is a unique take on a popular style of journaling. I love how it is separated into 3 parts to allow for both emotional release and healing. I’m excited to continue using this."


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The sadness book

Three carefully crafted chapters allow you to recognize & acknowledge your deepest emotions, invite you to step inside yourself, and ultimately help you gain clarity on your life’s path.

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