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The Sadness Book

The Sadness Book is more than just a journal; it's a companion that understands the depths of human emotions.

By embracing your sadness, you can begin a transformative journey towards emotional well-being. Through the power of writing, you'll confront the roots of your sorrow, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and experience the cathartic release that comes from putting your feelings into words.

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The Giving Book

The Giving Book is a guided journal that helps readers to focus on giving - to yourself, and to those around you.

Each section prioritizes self-care, self-reflection and mindfulness. Three carefully crafted chapters allow you to recognize & acknowledge your deepest emotions about yourself, the people around you and strangers, and ultimately help you gain clarity on your life’s path.

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The anger book

The Anger Book is a unique and powerful tool for anyone looking to manage their anger in a productive way. This journal provides a safe space for you to explore and express your anger through writing and reflection.

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