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Article: Five Reasons For The Sadness Book

The Sadness Book by Elias Baar

Five Reasons For The Sadness Book

1 – It takes away the pressure of constant positivity

In a culture that celebrates positivity, the overgeneralization of ”focusing on the bright side” can be harmful. To downplay, deny or dismiss negative emotions denies the full human experience, prevents overcoming painful emotions and makes you suffer even more.


2 – It’s built on psychology

Studies have shown that journaling can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma. It can help you organizing your thoughts, expressing yourself and dealing with your emotions, both good and bad, in a positive, healthy way.


3 – It’s a journal for people who don’t know what to journal about 

If you’re that kind of person who wants to get into journaling, but doesn’t know when or what to write about, look no further. The Sadness Book is a guided journal to help improve your mental health, designed for you.


4 – Self-reflection is the road toward healing 

Through self-discovery, we can find who we are and whom we want to be. divided into three chapters, The Sadness Book allows you to recognize & acknowledge your deepest emotions, invites you to step inside yourself, and ultimately helps you gain clarity on your life’s path. 


5 – This journal is just for you

Writing your thoughts and feelings down in a journal allows you to craft and maintain your sense of self and solidifies your identity. The trick is to keep exploring yourself. Close your door when you open this book. Breath, flip through the pages and be completely honest with yourself.

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